Monday, April 12, 2010

Find My Way Back

[I've decided to post some pictures of the past... call it a bout of homesickness for the open road, or just enjoying the reasons why I've decided to take this road.. whatever you like. Please enjoy!]

This is a photo of a place that I love. I did not, in fact take this picture. My brother-in-law took it with his super snazzy zoom lens from the top of San Salvatore looking at the church in Gentilino. I chose this picture because with all of these weddings lately, the concept has been on my mind. This is the church in which I want to get married, at least presently. I've momentarily forsaken the idea of riding on the backs of elephants in Thailand...

But please take note of the following awesome things:
1) the awesome trees
2) grape vines! to inspire the drinking of fantastic ticinese wine!
3) cows. brown cows. how now thou brown cow?!
4) Herman Hesse's grave is across the street.